AXIS has offices in Maui and New Zealand, and under the guidance of Adrian Roper, the design crew has come up with some amazing products that are changing the industry. The AXIS Foils division has been created to focus on the foiling disciplines of Kite, SUP, Surf, Wave, Wind, and Pump. It's still in its early stages - who knows where Surf and SUP hyrdrofoiling is headed? We want to go there and take you with us!

There are currently five different setups with the following wing spans: 68/75/82/92/102 cm. Adrian has analyzed the requirements of surf/SUP foiling and discovered that the weakness of all current other designs was flexibility of the board to foil connection, especially the wings to the fuselage and the fuselage to the mast. Adrian's mast/wing/board connection is the firmest, most structurally sound and durable foil on the market today.

Generally used with a 6061 marine grade extruded alloy 60 or 75cm mast, some riders are using 90cm, with base plate and fuselage CNC'd from 6061 billet alloy.  Wings are moulded pre-preg carbon fiber over CNC shaped Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), with a pre-preg fiberglass insert to isolate the carbon from the alloy fuselage. Tuttle box board adapters are also available.

Our most popular wings for riding waves with surfboards are 68/75/82cm and 92cm, most popular mast is 75cm, and for SUP 60 or 75cm.

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