Wave Chaser

The Wave Chaser brand began with the vision of creating a twin rig, planning hull, catamaran with paddleboard and windsurfer design characteristics. Through years of research and development with a diverse group of industry professionals we created the Hydraero 400 SUP Catamaran. This totally unique watercraft is transportable on roof racks, easy to set up, capable of speeds in excess of 20 knots and can be sailed and enjoyed by water sports enthusiasts at all levels of experience.

Today, Wave Chaser has evolved to include a range of hybrid paddleboards and foilboards that have a design lineage from our original Hydraero 400 paddleboard hulls. Additionally, we manufacture or supply Surfskis, Equipment, Accessories & Waterwear, all designed for performance, comfort and safety on the water.

As an emerging water sports company, it is our mission to be unbound by traditional design paradigms and conventional theories in the pursuit of creating performance watercraft, equipment and accessories for the enjoyment of our customers.

Hydraero 400

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The watercraft that started the vision and became the brand began as a hobby.

After years of extensive prototype testing, our Wave Chaser development team had achieved its design and performance objectives and more.

The hulls can be ridden individually as Touring or Downwind Stand Up Paddleboards and with purposefully designed modular parts, the craft transforms into a high performance catamaran.

When sailed as a twin rig catamaran the crew is close to the water providing a unique adrenaline rush that only the Hydraero 400 delivers.

The simplicity in rigging and ease of use makes this watercraft perfect for beginners, however, its performance oriented design is a calling for any experienced sailor wanting to push it to the limits.

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Hydraero SUP/Surf/Foil Boards

The Hydraero 400 was the catalyst that started our line of performance Hydraero SUP's & Foilboards.

Our Hydraero Paddleboards feature prominent displacement bows flowing into triple concave bottoms with chamfered under rails, providing efficient hydrodynamic lift and fluid release. Width, rail height and waterline length provide a combination of good glide and stability. The "full bodied" bow improves buoyancy, particularly through choppy water. The concave deck area lowers the rider's centre of balance, assisting with stability and control. Subtle concave decks also reduce foot over-extension that tends to occur on dome shaped decks, thereby alleviating potential foot ache from prolonged paddling.

Our Hydraero boards are made from strong, durable unidirectional Carbon Fibre/Epoxy Laminate, Premium 4 Oz Glass /Epoxy Laminate, Vapour Resistant Pre Lamination Coating, High Density Foam inserts & EPS Foam Core with Carbon stringer.

This combination of materials keeps Hydraero boards extremely lightweight for their size, providing for a more enjoyable handling and paddling experience.

Wave Chaser Hydraero Range Nov 2018

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