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The Wave Chaser brand began with a vision to create a twin rig, planning hull catamaran with paddleboard and windsurfer design characteristics. Through years of research and development, involving a diverse group of industry professionals, we created the Wave Chaser Hydraero Twin Rig SUP Catamaran. This totally unique watercraft is transportable on roof racks, easy to set up, capable of speeds in excess of 20 knots and can be sailed and enjoyed by water sports enthusiasts at all levels of experience.

Today, Wave Chaser is dedicated to the evolutionary design and development of a diverse range of watercraft and equipment including; Stand Up Paddle BoardsSailing SUP CatamaransSUP Surf BoardsSurf Foil BoardsSUP Surf & Downwind FoilsWater WearEquipment & Accessories.

As an emerging water sports company, we've made it our mission to be unbound by traditional design paradigms and conventional theories in the pursuit of creating performance watercraft, equipment and accessories for the enjoyment of our customers.

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Hydraero 400

The watercraft that started the vision and became the brand began as a hobby.

After years of extensive prototype testing, our Wave Chaser development team had achieved its design and performance objectives and more. 

The hulls can be ridden individually as Touring or Downwind Stand Up Paddleboards and with purposefully designed modular parts, the craft transforms into a high performance catamaran.

When sailed as a twin rig catamaran the crew are close to the water providing a unique adrenaline rush that only the Hydraero 400 delivers. 

Experienced crews can revel in higher winds where the Hydraero is designed to achieve speeds above 20 knots!

The craft is light weight and easy to transport on car roof racks. Set up and rigging is relatively simple.

Practically any sports/lifestyle enthusiast is able to handle this craft and sail away within minutes.


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Wave Chaser SUP Surfboards

The Wave Chaser Hydraero 400 was the catalyst that started our line of performance Paddleboards & Foilboards.

Wave Chaser boards are all digitally designed, precision machine shaped, then hand sanded, constructed and finished by quality craftspeople in EPA approved factories. Ultralight, strong and durable, Wave Chaser boards are made with the best materials available. 

EPS foam cores with High Density Foam inserts are coated with a Vapor Resistant Pre Lamination, then layered and vacuum sealed with Epoxy infused unidirectional Carbon Fiber and Premium 6 and 4 Oz Fiber Glass. This combination of materials keeps Wave Chaser boards extremely lightweight with high impact and pressure resistance, providing for a longer life and a more enjoyable handling, paddling and riding experience.

Our start point for the design of Wave Chaser Surf Paddleboards is stability. From there we’ve built in the characteristics of today’s performance surfboards.

The Wave Chaser S Series provide all the features of performance surf paddleboards including multiple fin arrangements. Their smooth, “Hypto” style outline finishes in a wide square tail for a more buoyant, stable paddling and take off experience, with quick release for tighter turns. 

Width, rail height and waterline length provide a combination of good glide and stability. The convex nose, soft forward rails, flat mid section and balanced rocker provide for a more enjoyable all round surf experience. The rear section is all about speed and drive with harder rails and double concave.

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Wave Chaser Foilboards

Wave Chaser Foilboards are the result of quality and performance testing using an array of foil types from multiple brands in a range of conditions from small to shoulder height beach breaks, reef breaks and long distance downwind.

"We've created a range of foil boards that are ultralight, strong and durable, with a shape and profile carefully sculptured for paddling, take off, stable flight and maneuverability. We've found the combination of materials used; EPS Foam, Carbon, Epoxy and Premium Fiber Glass are perfect for withstanding the unique pressures incurred during flight. " Mick Branch, Wave Chaser Test & Development Team.

Wave Chaser Foilboards feature a wide “kick” tail to assist wave pick up and launch and a wide nose, designed to skim the water surface on touch downs rather than plunge or catch an edge. The full length bottom concave assists with early lift, and beveled underails help avoid rail catch on take offs and turns. The concave deck helps riders find the center of balance, and counter roll and yaw, for an overall smoother ride! 

Wave Chaser boards are all digitally designed, precision machine shaped, then hand sanded, constructed and finished by quality craftspeople in EPA approved factories using the best materials available.  

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