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Maliko Single wing Package


This package includes:

  • Maliko 200 front wing 26"/ 91 cm
  • Maliko tail wing
  • Mast/fuselage: 29.5″ / 75 cm Tuttle mast
  • Front wing cover
  • Tail wing cover
  • Mast cover

Mast options:

  • 24.5″ / 62 cm Tuttle mast
  • 28.5″ / 72 cm Plate mast
  • 29.5″ / 75 cm Tuttle mast

If your board board has tracks for mast plate mounting you can purchase the Go Foil plate adapter 


Wing Span 26" /  91 cm
Designed as our primary downwind wing for endless glides on open ocean bumps and stiff offering smooth turning capabilities. The larger surface area of the Maliko 200 makes it the primary choice of those riders looking to take downwinders to the next level or needing maximum lift in the surf.

Rider profile:

• Under 63 kg: Downwind wing for advanced riders or when you just need the most maximum lift possible.
• 63 kg - 81 kg: Downwind wing for advanced riders in windy conditions. *
• 81 kg - 95 kg: Downwind wing for advanced riders in windy conditions and / or small wave conditions. *


24.5" / 62 cm Tuttle Mast

  • Mast Thickness: 12 mm
  • Chord Length: 120 mm

The easiest and safest mast to learn on in our line. This mast is easier to control and is for the tide conscious rider looking to rider in shallow waters.

28.5" / 72 cm Plate Mast 

  • Mast Thickness: 12 mm
  • Chord Length: 120 mm

The plate gives you the advantage of being able to slide the mast roughly three inches forward or backwards to get optimum balance for the rider. Also used for thinner surfboards that do not have the allowance for the tuttle box.

29.5" / 75 cm Tuttle Mast

  • Mast Thickness: 14 mm
  • Chord Length: 137 mm

This is a thicker, stiffer and stronger mast designed for advanced foilers who want to be able to get higher off the water to reduce ‘over foiling’. The taller mast provides a more responsive feeling while using the bigger wings.

Front Wing Construction

100% carbon pre-preg skins with epoxy polymer hybrid core, integral cone connection for maximum strength, all cured at 250° F in an autoclave at very high pressure. 

Features include:

Significant reinforcements: solid carbon at the wing tips, leading edge and trailing edge for robust durability when handling on the beach and installing the wings.
High strength / weight ratio which means the wings float!
Cone system attachment allows the rider to have a stable reliable connection between fuselage and wing.

Rear Wing Construction:

100% pre-preg carbon fiber laid up in a solid monolithic structure, cured to 250° F in an autoclave at very high pressure.
Cone system attachment allows the rider to have a stable reliable connection between fuselage and wing.
*This wing is not warrantied in the surf
**This wing is not recommended or warrantied in the surf

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