The all-new hydraero2x

Experience the rush of wind surfing with the power & stability of a catamaran. Available from 15 January 2019.

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The Hydraero 400 features an elevated, modular, platform made from aerofoil carbon tube with moulded carbon sockets. The trampoline is made from LiteSkin composite sailcloth with quick release buckles for easy set up. Outboard wings are raised for wave clearance and crew comfort.

The Hydraero 400 hull design is based on ocean racing paddleboards, with increased volume for buoyancy and a sunken deck with high rails and a bulbous nose shape for improved stability and handling in waves and choppy water. The ā€œVā€ shaped bow flows into a triple concave with chamfered chines for improved hydrodynamic lift and fluid release.

Composite ā€œCā€ shaped foils, with rake adjustment bearings, are cambered inward to produce lift onto the rear planning surface of the hulls. We've found this unique set up to be ideal for maintaining stability and control at speed.

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