Since 2012, Wave Chaser Founder & Managing Director Nigel McBride, has collaborated with a diverse group of industry professionals to develop a wide range of surf, paddle & sail watercraft. Wave Chaser has become a venture that combines Nigel's surfing lifestyle pursuit with a unique corporate and military service career.

"Thankfully, a host of qualified industry professionals were willing to provide crucial R&D support during our early product development phase, particularly renowned surfboard shaper Sam Tehan from Force 9 Surfboards, he's been an invaluable co-designer from the beginning." Nigel McBride

Wave Chaser is dedicated to the design and development of premium quality, high performance, Stand Up Paddle BoardsSailing SUP CatamaransSUP SurfboardsSurf Foil BoardsSUP Surf & Downwind FoilsKite WingsEquipment & Accessories.

Wave Chaser equipment is geared to enhance the user experience & our team is driven by an oath; “Go Faster, Go Further”

Meet the Wave Chaser Team.

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Wave Chaser Foilboards

Wave Chaser Foilboards are the result of quality and performance testing using an array of foil types from multiple brands in a range of conditions from small to shoulder height beach breaks, reef breaks and long-distance downwind.

Our NEW Wave Chaser VFX Series Foilboards are the evolutionary next step in our foilboard design. The outline, rails and volume distribution are modified and there’s a full length V, quickening water separation on takeoff. Our VFX Foilboards are shaped like an air piercing bullet with the wide point pulled to the rear. Redistributing nose weight and volume to the rear assists flight control both aerodynamically (less wind affected) and mechanically (the centre of balance is closer to the mast for improved pump action). The tail rails & bottom chines on the VFX boards have been tucked in around the rear of the foil tracks for more surface clearance in flight and for a more responsive and balanced sensation above the foil.

“Our design focus for the VFX series was to take our proven SUP Foilboard outline and profile shape and refine it for maximum “paddle-glide”& “chop-pop” without loss of stability.” Mick Branch.

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Wave Chaser Optimal Composit Construction Logo

Wave Chaser Paddleboards and Foilboards are digitally designed, precision machine shaped, hand sanded, constructed and finished by qualified craftspeople in EPA approved factories. We define Optimal Composite Construction as an economic and environmentally sustainable manufacturing methodology using select materials, layup, fusion, and finishing techniques to achieve optimal product strength, weight and durability.

Wave Chaser SUPs and Foilboards are made with 100% recyclable Expanded Poly Styrene (EPS), a lighter and more buoyant foam than traditional surfboard Polyurethane (PU) foam, and Epoxy resin which has a much higher tensile strength and superior bonding properties than Polyester resin, enabling less material use for a stronger laminate. Compared with PU foam and Polyester resin, EPS and Epoxy require less energy to produce, and less harmful associated chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. Epoxy resin has about 75% fewer Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) than Polyester resin and about two-thirds fewer VOCs are released into the atmosphere when it cures. Epoxy is more resistant to moisture, wearing, cracking, peeling, and corrosion or damage from chemical or environmental degradation. Epoxy resins can be cleaned up with organic citrus based cleaners rather than flammable and toxic acetone.

Wave Chaser SUPs are now made with bamboo veneer instead of carbon fibre. Bamboo is a fast growing and a naturally renewable tree-like grass, requiring low maintenance, zero pesticides or herbicides, and minimal water to farm. Bamboo is super strong; the tensile strength of steel is 23,000 PSI, while the tensile strength of bamboo is 28,000 PSI.

Being less toxic and super strong, SUPs made from EPS/Epoxy and Bamboo maintain far greater durability over those using traditional materials, which translates into a more environmentally friendly product, since less boards end up in landfills.

We can always do more! We’re now analysing the use of bio foams and resins, and more sustainable woven materials including; flax, hemp, basalt and recycled carbon fiber.

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SUP Catamaran

We designed a watercraft and called it Wave Chaser! The name became our brand. 

After years of extensive prototype testing, our Wave Chaser development team has achieved its design and performance objectives and more. 

The hulls can be ridden individually as Touring or Downwind Stand Up Paddleboards and with purposefully designed modular parts, the craft transforms into a high-performance catamaran.

When sailed as a twin rig catamaran the crew are close to the water providing a unique adrenaline rush that only a Wave Chaser SUP Cat delivers. 

Experienced crews can revel in higher winds where the Wave Chaser SUP Cat is designed to achieve speeds above 20 knots!

Made almost entirely from carbon fiber, our SUP Cat is lightweight, transportable on car roof racks, and can be sailed by sailing enthusiasts at any level.


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