Foiling Etiquette

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Mick Branch Wave Chaser Product Development Team

"There's a lot of discussion about foils and the danger they pose both to their riders and other water users. As with all watercraft, if used correctly by riders demonstrating respectful etiquette, the safety of surfers, swimmers and other water users will ensure that foilers can continue to enjoy this exciting new sport on our beaches and waterways." Mick Branch 


Here are a few tips on safety protocols to follow when foiling:

• Stay clear of all other people in the water when learning to foil.
• When other surfers are present, foil elsewhere or ride the part of the wave the surfers cannot ride or do not want to ride. This is the beauty of foiling!
• Never take off with someone directly in front of you irrespective of your ability.
• Unless you are foiling alone always wear a leash, this protects others around you.
• Wear a helmet and impact vest when first learning. Foiling is challenging and has a steep learning curve, you will fall off and have to avoid your own foil. Be safe!
• Make sure you pick the right board and foil for surfing.
• Be aware of submerged rocks and sandbanks.
• Stay away from crowded surfing lineups.

• All foilers should respect and adhere to safety protocols and etiquette and respectfully communicate with and educate other foilers who may be putting themselves and others in danger.


With every new sport, rules, safety, and etiquette evolve. A number of respected Hawaiian watermen have come together to discuss foiling and the importance of safety in this exciting new sport. Enjoy the video from these respected, experienced watermen and educate yourself with the safety protocols that will keep safe and learning and enjoying the sport of foiling.